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How to Keep Your Parent With Dementia Safe at Home

Dementia is a disease that impacts the person’s cognition which includes memory, judgment, language, and impulse control, to name a few.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, some of the early signs of dementia include, short term memory loss that impacts daily life, challenges in planning and problem solving, confusion with place and time, difficulty finding…

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7 Tips for Managing Home Care Workers

Elder Care in Huntington, NY: Home care is a different animal when it comes to managing employees and delegating tasks.  It is a very intimate form of work because it takes place in the private home of the care recipient, it does not allow for direct supervision of workers, and requires a greater level of…

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Driving & Alzheimer’s Disease: A guide For Families & Patients

  Driving and Alzheimer’s Disease: A guide for families and patients. For most people, driving represents freedom, control, and independence. Driving enables most people to get to the places they want to go, and to see the people they want to see when they want to see them. But driving is a complex skill. Our…

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Dementia Care: Communication Techniques for Professionals

Elder care in Huntington, NY: Dementia Communication Techniques for Professionals If you are a professional who works with older adults and their families, you have probably encountered challenges in communicating your message to a person afflicted with dementia.   Below are tips to help you overcome common obstacles in communicating and to learn to understand the…

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