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Thought of the Week: Happy 4th of July

Senior Care in Islip, NY: “America was not built on fear.  America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand”.  Harry S. Truman I love this patriotic quote by Harry S. Truman.  It truly captures what our ancestors and forefathers worked so hard for.  Rolling up your…

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Top 6 Reasons for Medication Mismanagement in the Elderly

Senior Care in Islip, NY: According to the Centers for Disease Control, five out of six persons age 65 and older are taking at least one medication and almost half of the elderly population take three or more. According to the department of health and human services, 55% of the elderly are non-compliant with their…

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What Are Your Parent’s Cancer Treatment Goals?

Senior Care in Islip NY: As soon as you hear that your aging parent is living with cancer, your mind likely goes to treatment. Getting the type of treatment that is right for them is a critical element of coping with this illness in the best way possible while preserving their quality of life, even if that means not seeking treatment at all.

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